Nik Reiman

Nik Reiman

I develop audio and music software. I started Teragon Audio, and also write Android and iOS apps.

About Me

In 2005, I started Teragon Audio to produce audio plugins and utilities. In 2008, I open-sourced most of the code I had written for Teragon, and expanded the developer documentation on the website to provide help for others wishing to write their own audio software. The source code for these plugins can also be found on Teragon Audio's GitHub page.

I'm also an active DJ and music producer. I help to manage and play at Syntax Error, Stockholm's very own chiptunes/8-bit club. I also manage and play at Laserdisko, a dubstep and elektro club.

I'm passionate about music, travel, languages, and technology, and these things have taken me through a rather variety of jobs and locations. I speak German and Swedish and am constantly interested in learning new languages and cultures, both human and computer.

Along with audio programming, I am an active mobile developer and have been involved in the creation of a few high-profile apps and frameworks for Android and iOS.

I keep a semi-updated CV at StackOverflow, but I'm not currently taking on new projects at the moment. Feel free to contact me and say hello, though!